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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire creativity, foster a love for aviation, and provide professional training that empowers individuals to become employable, competent and responsible drone pilots. We strive to create a world-class environment where  individuals and corporate professionals, particularly from sectors such as oil & gas, agriculture, and Renewable energy (Solar and Windmill) sectors, can thrive, learn, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of aerial technology.

Who we Are?

Founded by passionate aviation enthusiasts, DATS Aero brings together a team of experienced drone pilots, aviation experts, aeromodellers and educators committed to providing top-notch training and industry-specific services. Our instructors combine real-world flying experience with cutting-edge instructional techniques to ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning environment.

What sets us Apart

Drone Pilot Training Program

Learn from industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom.

Extensive Curriculum

Our carefully crafted curriculum covers everything from drone regulations to advanced flight maneuvers, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Hands-On Experience

Get hands-on experience with a variety of drones, preparing you for real-world scenarios and challenges.

Focus on Safety

Safety is our top priority. Our training programs emphasize responsible drone operation and adherence to regulations.

International State-of-the-Art Facilities

Train in a world-class conducive environment equipped with the latest drone technology, and simulation tools.

Welcome to our pioneering Drone Remote Pilot Training! Fueled by our deep passion for innovation, we offer tailored solutions for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our cutting-edge programs provide an immersive learning experience, empowering you with unparalleled insights to confidently navigate the evolving world of unmanned aerial systems. Join us on an exciting journey where skill development meets technological excellence. With our top-quality services catering to sectors like Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Solar, and renewables, rest assured, that you’ll receive the specialized knowledge and skills needed to excel in your field. Get ready to be job-ready and upskill with us today. Embark on your transformative venture now!

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Drone Pilot Training Program

Plan includes :

Drone as a Service

Plan includes :

R&D Services

Plan includes :

DATS Aero Sevices

Our commitment extends beyond training – we provide top-notch facilities and R&D support services to ensure your success in the evolving world of drone technology.

Aeromodelling &
Drone Pilot training

Enhance skills with our diverse training for enthusiasts and professionals. Tailored programs for all.

Professional Drone Flying Facilities

Experience state-of-the-art flying facilities equipped for both recreational and professional drone operations.

R&D Support Services

Stay ahead of the curve with our research and development support, fostering innovation in the whole drone industry.

Drone As a Service

Drone as a Service offers on-demand aerial solutions for diverse industries, from surveillance to delivery, using customizable drone technology

Our Industrious Team!

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Aeromodelling and Drone Technology.
Join us on a journey where the possibilities are limitless.
Sandesh Shetty

Sandesh Shetty

Training & Operations
Paris, France

Sonia P

Sales & Strategy
Mumbai, India

Dheeraj Kumar

Dheeraj Kumar

Sales & Finance
Paris, France

Sheryl D

Mumbai, India

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What we Offer!

Oil & Gas Sector

Utilize drones to gather data, analyze, and share essential insights to generate actionable and valuable outcomes.

Agriculture Sector

Meet industry-specific needs, from Aerial mapping to Spraying organic pesticides, using our versatile Drones.

Renewable Energy Sector

Drones are revolutionizing renewable energy by providing safe, efficient inspections of wind turbines and solar farms. 

Fisheries Industries

Drones in fisheries scout fish schools, map underwater habitats, and monitor for illegal fishing.

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Aeromodelling & Drone Pilot training

  • Elevate skills with tailored aeromodelling and drone pilot training for all.
  • Boost expertise with diverse training programs for enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Tailored programs for skill enhancement in aeromodelling and drone piloting.

Professional Drone Flying Facilities

  • Discover state-of-the-art drone facilities catering to both recreational and professional flyers.
  • Experience advanced flying environments designed for both casual and professional drone operations.
  • Enjoy top-tier facilities for an unmatched drone flying experience, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional pilot.

R&D Support Services

  • Drive innovation in the drone industry with our R&D support.
  • Stay competitive by leveraging our cutting-edge R&D services.
  • Elevate your drone initiatives with dedicated research and development assistance.

Drone As a Service

  • Utilize on-demand aerial solutions with customizable drone technology through Drone as a Service.
  • Meet industry-specific needs, from surveillance to delivery, using our versatile Drone as a Service.
  • Optimize operations across various sectors with our on-demand drone solutions, tailored for tasks like surveillance and delivery.